Respiratory tract diseases or cold infections have become common these days. It not only affects the children but also is equally affecting adults. Though there are several prescription drugs available for the treatment of this condition, it is better to go for natural cures, as these have no side effects on health. The natural remedy mentioned here contains honey, which helps in discarding mucus, which is the major problem while coughing.

To get rid of bad cough effectively, you just need to try out a natural wrap mentioned here. Though this is effective on all, it has greater benefits on children. Yet, you need to use the right ingredients in the desire way.

Ingredients to be used:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Honey
  • Flour
  • Band-Aid with adhesive tape
  • Gauze
  • Napkin

Preparation tips

Start by mixing flour and honey other in such a way that it does not get sticky on your hands, as you will need it for compress later. Now, add vegetable oil and roll it in flour. Once done, keep the mixture on a napkin and wrap it with cheesecloth. Put the wrap on your back or chest and fasten it with adhesive tape Band-Aid. Place it above your heart and not on your heart area.

To get the best effects on children, it is better to apply it a couple of hours before bedtime. Make sure that they do not sleep while the wrap is attached on your skin. However, if the pack is used on adults, you can leave it overnight. A pinch of mustard powder can be added for better results.

While sleeping, it is better to protect the bed linen with some covering as it might get wet due to excess sweating. The anti-inflammatory wrap may also offer some warming effects. However, there is nothing to worry about as it will help you recover at ease. Keep on using the wrap for a few days for complete healing, even if you feel better after first day use.

When to use

Anyone, who is above the age of 6 months can use this wrap while experiencing bad coughs. Yet, the wrap should be avoided if there is any skin disease or injury. People who have used it have praised its effectiveness. Rachel Lim from Singapore approved its benefits after it helped her child. She did not use olive but preferred coconut oil and also added some ginger juice to the mixture.

The Facebook post of Rachel Lim said, “Usually about 2-3hrs into his [her baby’s] sleep, he will start coughing profusely and whine. Last night I paste the wrap for 4hrs, I never hear anything from him, no nasal block, and no phlegm sound also! Throughout whole night there was not a single cough from him.”

This paste has a soothing effect on chest congestion as honey and ginger proved effective for the treatment of sore throats or coughs. Yet, to get the best results, you need to make sure that you use the wrap as it has been directed. Repeat using the wrap as and when you experience chest congestion.

Source: Healthy Tips World