Fair and glamorous skin is something desired by all, especially by women. However, everyone is not enough lucky to get a beautiful skin or gorgeous look naturally and have to rely on different products to improve their looks. If you are also among them, who have tried several products for skin whitening, especially for hands and legs but have failed to get the desired result, do not lose hope. Now, you can get a fair complexion without exposing your skin to the harmful chemicals.

Before starting any fairness treatment, you need to know that the Ultraviolet rays emitted from sun mostly affects your feet and hands, which is why, these areas of your body are darker compared to the others. While the UV-rays play the most significant role in damaging the skin, the environmental pollution is also something that cannot be ignored. The formula products, which claim to offer fairer complexion often cannot deal with these agents of skin damage and relying on a natural recipe using lemon becomes the best choice. Lemons will make a complete change in your complexion by enabling new cell development and lightening the skin tone. Yet, lemon is not the only ingredient you need.

The recipe to lighten your skin using natural remedy has been provided below:

  • Turmeric powder- one pinch
  • Baking soda-
  • Coconut oil-
  • Lemon juice-
  • Cucumber juice-

Preparation tips

You need to make a paste using the entire ingredient. The quantity of ingredients depends on the amount of paste you want to make.

Tips to use

Apply the paste gently on your hand and feet. Make sure that you have applied the mix in sufficient quantity and all over the affected area.  Leave it undisturbed for 20 minutes and then wash it with cold water. Repeat the process daily for two weeks and find the difference. To check skin-lightening results, you can click snaps of the affected region for two weeks and compare. Apart from the above-mentioned recipe, the paste can be made using cucumber juice; lemon and one pinch of turmeric.


Avoid sunlight for a few hours before applying the paste; else you may get adverse result.

Source: Healthy Living House