Do you often wonder if people really have soul? Well, the ones who have been reincarnated have recollected their unbelievable memories right during their afterlife. Among these, there’s an incredible story of the 25-year old trained brain neurosurgeon of Harvard, namely, Dr. Eben Alexander. Here’s all that you wanted to know about his story.

Dr. Alexander did not believe the presence of existence of non-physical spirits because he was beset with people who were more concerned with the various material aspects of their lives. He didn’t believe in the existence of soul as well. Being highly skeptical in this regard, he opined that the tales of afterlife are merely the stories of fantasy. But then, something happened that brought a remarkable change to his life. He turned out to be in come due to meningitis for seven long days, when his perception of afterlife was completely altered.

After returning to his body, he came up with a book called “Proof Of Heaven” which turned out to be a leading NY bestseller. This book recounts how Alexander had experienced during his afterlife days, and it further stated that our days in earth are merely a test that lets our souls develop and that this very growth can be easily achieved with love and compassion. The following are some of the cumulations of his experiences.

  • As his experience was extremely real, Alexander considered that his existence in the face of earth was merely an artificial dream.
  • The main essence of his life after death was love. This feeling of love and compassion overpowered every other presence of evil. So, everyone who seeks to understand the universe should understand.
  • In afterlife, the communication was entirely telepathic and was driven without words. Every question and answer was telepathically provided because words deemed unnecessary.

According to the doctor, the best thing about the spiritual land was that every person there was precious, much more than an individual can ever imagine. On top of that, they are also safe and are always guided by someone, as the unflinching, ideal and perfect love of the Almighty impacts all.

He further adds that love is indeed the essence of everything in the world. He discusses about the regular love that everyone is aware of- the kind of love we bestow upon our spouse and kids, towards our pets. This isn’t the abstract love and is rather selfless and free from possessiveness in all regards. It is the purest and the strongest form of unflinching love.

The main and significant reality and truth remains that the ones who exist, breathe and live at the utmost of everything, ones who do not know love and can never embody and manifest it in their actions or can understand what they really want; can never leave peacefully.

Well, now let us discuss about the credibility. As the doctor was in coma, the nectrotex he owned was completely dysfunctional due to which there’s no scientific explanation to place his point. He particularly refuted nine different scientific explanations of his journey in the book.

Exploring the different natural explanations

The five different explanations in the Appendix B of this book are noted as following. Only some of these explanations made sense to us as laymen. So, we have refuted that many numbers of explanations itself.

  • The explanation that suggested that this was merely an old brain stream method that would eventually make the life changing pain better; did not live up to his acceptance and it also couldn’t explain his vivid memories.
  • Others opine that the doctor experienced a series of memories from the profound sections of his system like the amygdale which again carries the maximum overlying brain that can be protected from the inflammation of bacteria on the brain’s surface. However, this too, doesn’t give an idea on the vivid nature of his memories.
  • Another explanation suggests that this is DMT dump. The DMT is considered to be a natural serotonin that effectively produces visions. However, the doctor too is aware of the drug experiences associated with serotonin (LSD) from his teenage years and mentions that this wasn’t a DMT experience with regard to the DMT experiences of his patients. His memories are so rich and vivid that they require the working audio visual neocortex as their target regions which produce a vivid experience like him. His prolonged levels of coma ruined the neocortex which could affect the audiovisual experiences that could happen to be a result of serotonin from his brain stream’s raphe nuclei. Although knowing that his cortex did not function, the possibility of the presence of DMT in the brain is not deemed effective.
  • Another prospective explanation can be regarded as the reboot phenomenon. This refers to a random range of unfiltered memories that come as a result of the various old memories in the influenced section of neocortex, which on the other hand, is likely to restart his cortex to the levels of consciousness after a major failure like meningitis. But this option too cannot be taken as valid as the memories were detailed and rich.
  • The final option is that what was visualized by the doctor is an unusual generation of memory through a visual pathway which is archaic. However, this too can only be achieved with respect to birds and not humans because we human beings can effectively experience even when we are cortically blind. This does not provide any proper recollections to the ultra-real visions that he goes through.

Thus, the near death experience of this doctor can be considered a credible account, as he comes with a scientific background.