There is no denying that many ancient  manuscripts revealed to us that human beings have the ability to acquire special powers through various methods. These methods are known as siddhis and are usually done through meditation. Some of the methods are psychedelics, fasting, praying, drumming, dancing, static and meditation. Buddhism acknowledges the existence of special powers. Lord Buddha encouraged his disciples to gain these powers nut not to misuse them

A professor called Donald Lopez from the University of Michigan explains that Buddha attained special powers through enlightenment. He also received knowledge of all his previous lives and including the power to read other people’s minds. Lord Buddha attained Nirvana at the age of eighty one because he wanted to.

Swami Rama also wrote that he was fascinated by seeing that any man could be so still and not bat an eyelid for hours together. In fact he said that the monks on the Himalayan mountains could levitate at a height of three feet. Levitation is a form of pranayama. Someone who has a deep understanding on weight and mass can achieve levitation .These monks also have the capabilities to change into various forms, in fact they could also transform other objects too. In fact Swami Rama witnessed how a monk changed sand into edible dry fruits.

These stories are often found in literature and it is totally up to the readers to decide if they are true or not. However people who believe in ancient teachings will take these things more seriously.

In today’s times scientists are examining all the possibilities that might suggest that these things are actually possible. The renowned physicist Max Planck suggested that consciousness is fundamental and that matter is derived from consciousness. Dalai Lama supported his opinion by saying that even though these monks have super powers they are just human beings who know how to channel the power of the mind.

The connection between the Himalayan monks and Havard

Herbert Benson visited a monastery in 1980 and he studies the monks that lived there, he found that they could combat the extreme cold by a yoga practice called Tum-mo; this practice actually raised the body temperature by about 17 degrees. Nobody knows how they are able to do this. Some studies showed that the monks in Sikkim could even lower their metabolic rate by 64%.

The research team from Howard even filmed a video where the monks were drying wet sheets by using their body heat. There is no doubt that these are astonishing things  and science has often explored the world of such humans who can do these outstanding things.

Source: Simple Capacity