If you are looking for a (fun) way to pass a painful kidney stone, look no further! It will be enough to make love often with a person who has a kidney stone.

The latest study was aimed to study whether people with regular sex can easily pass a kidney stone.

The focus of this study was primarily sand, stones and other crystals that are deposited in the lower part of the urethra (the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder).

A variety of romantic couples-volunteers is divided into three groups.

Experts have been regularly taking the urine of the patient throughout the study in order to measure the presence of crystals in it.

Patients in group 1 were asked to have sexual intercourse at least 3-4 times a week, without any other therapy.

Patients in group 2 were administered tamsulosin 0.4 mg/d, a drug that promotes smooth muscle relaxation and makes it easier to pass a stone. They had sex usually (on average once or twice a week).

In the third group, the patient was on standard medications to break up kidney stones, also with the average amount of sex.

As it turned out, 80 percent of respondents who in the three weeks were on the pure sex therapy, managed to pass at least smaller kidney stones! Which is a huge success compared to control two groups in which the success was only 35 percent.

So if you have a stone or sand in the kidney, and certainly the one in the bladder, expect the doctors soon, will prescribe you sex, instead of drugs! And we are sure that this is a therapy in which you will work very hard to enjoy.

Source: Discover

Foto-Illustration: Profimedia, Wikipedia/Nevit Dilmen