Increasing the level of mental tension to stand out in crowd subconsciously haunts health of all age group. Hunger pangs during working hours and easy availability of your favorite junk food at your door step doesn’t only make you couch potatoes but also leads to various health disorders when followed in long terms.

Modern ways of living are often misunderstood by unhealthy living. Improper timing of having food and taking meals, late night work or parties, gobbling burger at breakfast or totally starving yourself is the result of accelerating conversion of urbanization. The practice of few healthy norms just like you brush your teeth, few recipes and tricks can save your money to buy your favorite stuff.

Let’s start healthy

Leading quality life is everyone right. “Prevention is better than cure” should be kept in mind always. Taking care of your school going kids is the first thing to give them a healthy life ahead. Enrich their body with proper diet in breakfast rather than feeding them greasy paratha, yesterday’s leftover food or cheese and ham. Recipes like Chapattis or tortilla with green veggies or a loaf of bread with a bit of butter or jam and a glass of milk is the perfect start to the healthy day. Make sure that you’re getting a proper portion of calcium, if not milk, try yogurt for those who are not comfortable with milk; also try to add oats, fruits or eggs in breakfast for your entire family.

Hold blood pressure below 140/90

Healthy foods and persistence are few habits which lead to the natural cure of disorders and diseases. One of the most affecting disorder that is increasing its bar level in the graph neglecting all the factors such as age and sex is high blood pressure, which is leading to many other disorders. Simple routine and consistent practice will help you to cure without any side effects or to spend a bunch of currency on medicine. Garlic extract and fish containing omega 3 fatty acid have proven to lower the blood pressure. Vegans can opt for walnuts and flaxseeds.

Following are the easy steps to lead healthy life laughing your hearts out:-

  • Make sure to pump your heart and sweat for at least 10 min a day
  • Always opt for natural foods
  • Make sure you are filled while stepping out of your house to start your day
  • Stay hydrated – It does miracle to your body
  • Too much of anything is not good – maintain balance diet
  • Don’t go for shortcuts, instead, hurry to kitchen and use ingredients in the proper way to relief and relax.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wealthy and Stay Happy Within!