All you intelligent nerds out there will surely know that Tibetan monks are known for their healthy teeth and their teeth remain strong even in old age. Most of you must be inquisitive about how do they manage the healthy condition of their teeth even in old age and along with that they live in a mountainous area where there are no dentists at all. So there is a small secret behind their healthy teeth and the secret lies in an easy recipe. Let us now come towards the natural method of how they manage to maintain healthy teeth. There is no big theory behind their healthy teeth; it’s just really simple because the secret is just easy toothpaste prepared by them for their teeth and it is prepared by the following way:

Add a tablespoon of pink Himalayan salt into half glass of boiled and then, cooled water. Blend this mixture briskly a minute, and remove the foam that has been formed on the surface. After making the mixture make sure you have used the correct procedure and move on towards the procedure of applying the mixture to your teeth. For the procedure of applying the mixture use your toothbrush by taking some crystals of the paste and brush your teeth in a way you usually brush your teeth. At the end of this process rinse your teeth by using water from the same glass in with which you had mixed the Himalayan salt.

To get good results make sure you brush your teeth before breakfast, at noon and during the evening with the natural paste you have prepared. While you apply this mixture as your toothpaste most of the time you will feel some uneasiness, because your teeth may become more sensitive on hot-cold and sour-sweet due to the usage of the salted water. The toothpaste not only destroys all the pathogens from the mouth cavity but it strengthens the tooth enamel, “cementing” the cracks and the bumps on your teeth in a very short span of time. However after using this paste thoroughly, it will make your very white and along with that your grooves will become stronger and pink in color. Thank you all for your time. If this article has been informative and has increased your knowledge please share it with people in your social circle. Your support is the main source that makes us work more vigorously.

Source: Super Tasty Recipes