There are numerous home remedies to cure ailment and diseases that can cause from inappropriate food habits, allergens, and other factors. It is debatable whether home remedies comprises of proper medicinal properties or not but over the years, they have been highly effective. Many confuse home remedies with that of homeopathic and herbal treatment. But these are totally unrelated to one another.

Here we will be discussing several home remedies to cure heartburn.

Chewing gum

Not only are chewing gums great to eliminate bad breath odor, but they can also help in the digestion process post a meal. Hence, you will find many chewing gums immediately after lunch. Those suffering from gastro-reflux diseases have faced great relief from heartburn while chewing a sugar-free gum for half an hour most meal session. The chewing of gum basically stimulates the flow rate of saliva. As a result, any acid that gets accumulated in the gut region is totally cleared and washed faster. With acid clearances, the GERD symptoms slowly disappear.

Baking Soda

Your parents may know this natural home remedy to cure heartburn. Take a little bit of sodium bicarbonate (better known as baking soda) and mix it with water. Drink the water and your heartburn will disappear. It helps in neutralizing the acid present in the stomach.  However, those who experience heartburn on a regular basis should avoid it due to chances of side effects like nausea and swelling.


Licorice has properties that can effectively heal the stomach from being acidic. However, if you intake licorice in large amount on a regular basis, chances of having higher blood pressure level is eminent. Licorice tablets should be taken before eating a meal to avoid indigestion and heartburn.

Aloe vera

Often termed as the magic plant, it has the properties to cure almost any ailment. Aloe gels are used for curing burns, hair growth, and improving skin pigmentation. A glass of aloe vera juice mixed with water can also help in keeping the germs away. It improves your stomach and liver. It primarily reduces inflammation. Pure aloe Vera juice can be laxative. So you need to look for herbal brands that offer laxative-free aloe Vera juice.

Slippery elm

For centuries, slippery elm has been used as an effective medication option to treat different types of illnesses. It also acts as a great remedy to cure acidity and improve the gastrovascular system. You need to take it after a meal or even before going to bed. Mix two tablespoon of slippery elm in a glass of water and drink it.