During the previous weeks, there have been reports of Heinz ketchup being banned in Israel. The official reason was that it lacked in tomatoes. But, obviously, there is more to it.

No matter how much you like the taste of Heinz ketchup, we would suggest that you stop using this product. As numerous studies have shown, processed foods are not good for your health and their ingredients include various chemicals and toxic elements. Instead of processed foods, you should eat the organic ones whenever possible.

Before buying another bottle of Heinz ketchup, let us present you with scientific findings about it and the reasons why you should restrain from buying that bottle:

  • It is loaded with corn syrup rich in fructose! The main issue with this is that the corn used in the production of this syrup is genetically modified. As a consequence, it may increase your blood sugar levels and it is bad for your liver. Besides bringing you one step closer to diabetes and obesity, the syrup contained in Heinz ketchup can harm your immune system and heart. In addition, there is a great amount of toxic metals in it, such as mercury.
  • It is rich in sugar and distilled vinegar! In only one tbsp. of Heinz ketchup there are 4g of sugar! In addition, distilled vinegar is made from GMO corn, as well.
  • From the nutritional point of view, it’s worthless! Being without any fibers and proteins, Heinz ketchup doesn’t bring anything healthy to your diet (except for the miniature dose of lycopene contained in equally small dose of tomatoes that it contains).

After reading this, I’m sure that you will think twice before buying Heinz ketchup the next time you see it on the shelf.     

Source: Make Your Life Healthier

Other included sources linked in Make Your Life Healthier’s article: Family Health Freedom Network