What’s a great dish without some flavorful herbs on the side? Did you know that herbs not only make dishes eye-catching and delicious- they make your dishes healthier too! Load up on yummy herbs whenever you cook your meals and take your dishes to a whole new healthy level with some herbs! And the best part- you need not go out and buy them at your grocery store. Plant them at home! You’ll ensure freshness and hassle yourself no more when you’ve already got your herbs on your windowsill, right? So get your green thumb going and check out some herbs you can try growing at home!



A versatile herb with many uses, you can grow basil indoors or outside, requiring only minimal care. Just water them daily and you’re good to go! As far as the benefits to health is concerned, basil is rich in fiber, a great ally for your liver, and can calm and soothe your nerves. It also helps fight skin blemishes because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Truly healthy and useful, right?



This lively herb is most commonly used as garnish for a lot of dishes. But don’t take parsley for granted! It’s packed with vitamins A, C and K- essential for your eyes, skin, immune system and blood. So really, the next time you see some parsley on your plate, eat it! Now, grow it in your garden- it’s really low maintenance yet a slow grower. But don’t worry, once it grows, you’ll surely enjoy amazing benefits for your health! Ensure that you water them adequately though because once it wilts, it hardly ever recovers.



Delicious and aromatic, rosemary contains carnosic acid, a certain compound that is known to inhibit cancer cells. Plus, studies have shown the efficacy of rosemary as a memory enhancer! The aroma of this herb alone can improve your memory- isn’t that amazing? Grow your rosemary in a place filled with lots of sunshine and give your herb frequent watering. It’ll thrive quickly and in no time, you can enjoy its great benefits!



Beautiful lavender not only is pleasing to the eyes, but to your stomach as well! It is known to be an effective remedy to soothe bloating because of its polyphenols. Also, if you have insomnia, keep your lavender plants nearby- the fragrant aroma will surely relax you and help you fall asleep better. To grow lavender, keep in mind to plant it in a pot with adequate drainage and place it outdoors on a sunshine-filled area.

These are just some of the many herbs that’s great for your body and nice to keep at home. Pick one now, plant it on your garden or windowsill, and enjoy the health benefits that your fresh, garden-harvested herbs can offer you!


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