People have a common misconception that what would be your ideal weight according to your weight. For example, people think that 65kg is the exact weight for 160cm height. But, this is not a correct one. Here is why:

Apart from being an aesthetic issue, excess weight pose a real health hazard as it causes many problems including hypertension, atherosclerosis, and hyperglycaemia among other.

You should know about the weight chart that helps you to determine how much you should weigh according to your height.

Usually, we use BMI or Body Mass Index is the most common method of determining your ideal body weight. According to heath experts, this method is incomplete as every person has a different body type, so it is not all inclusive.

For example, there are naturally slim women as opposed to those who are of heavier body.

Remember that your weight is not always directly proportional to your health. A regular workout and balanced diet will help you in this matter. Even though, you can lose weight by dieting, this will also make your muscles lose their mass, which can actually bring more harm than good.

Source: Healthy Food Star