Chia seeds have been in the news very frequently in the recent past, with researches lauding the medicinal properties it has. It is fully of dietary fiber and absorbs water, which gives us a feeling of fullness. It is also rich in proteins and antioxidants.

The name is derived from the Mayan word Chia, which translates to strength. In fact the Mayan and Incan tribes loaded their diet with chia seeds. The seeds are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids as well. In fact it has almost eight times the omega 3 fatty acids that can be found in salmon. It is a greater source of antioxidants than blueberries, by almost four times and it also contains omega – 6 fatty acids. Other nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals can be found in the seeds.

What are the benefits of these seeds?

  • Helps skin, hair and nail regeneration, as they are rich in essential minerals and proteins
  • They help improve the digestion process
  • They help in improving energy levels. In fact chia seeds are consumed by athletes to receive slow release of energy
  • Weight loss can also be enhanced with the consumption of the seeds
  • Due to the high fiber content, you feel full for longer and this will prevent you from consuming excess calories.
  • The fiber content in the seeds helps the intestines to work better
  • Body strength can be improved
  • Fat loss is also accelerated as metabolism is increased and glycogen is activated, which helps burns fat.
  • A diet rich in chia seeds has been proven to prevent cancer and even fight colon cancer.

So how do we use these seeds?

The seeds can be consumed raw as a snack. But for those people who don’t like to eat raw seeds we give you a few other ways to include the seeds in you meal.

  • Include it in your smoothies and turn it into a protein shake.
  • Add some chia seeds to your salads to give some crunchiness to it
  • It can be added to breakfast cereals like oats, millets etc.
  • The seeds can be added to meat like chicken and fish to enhance protein intake
  • In fact the seeds can even be added to desserts like pies, pastries and puddings.

Here is another fabulous recipe with chia seeds that nourish as it delights.

Add some chia seeds to almond or coconut milk. To this add some blueberries, cranberries, walnuts, raspberries, almonds, dried coconut, cocoa, apple slices and rose hip. Mix and stir this mixture well and refrigerate for ten minutes.

Source: Natural Cures And Home Remedies