Stress s has been identified as the major cause of many forms of health challenges. Among these health challenges are- high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, fatigue, stroke, cardiac arrest, a compromised immune system and many others.

In these times, many people are prone to suffer from stress related ailments. The need to undertake the right measures to manage any form of stress we face is very crucial.

There are many ways to handle a stressful situation and come out feeling better/healthier. Many people have engaged in relaxing activities like yoga, exercise, meditation massage therapy and listening to good music. In this article, we will discuss the old Japanese method of relaxation as a means to keep stress away. It is easy to learn and adopt, the good part is that it can be done anywhere.

Our fingers have been identified with different kinds of feelings and emotions; the following list is a breakdown of this assessment-

The thumb represents the means of suppressing worry and anxiety.

The index finger is used for challenging and overcoming fear.

The middle finger controls our deep feelings and emotions connected to anger.

The ring finger is linked with suppressing depression.

The little finger alleviates stress and encourages the development of self-esteem.

The process-

What we aim to achieve is to create a balance for the body’s energy forces. This is how it is done. Take one finger and fold the next around it until your feel the pulse.

When this is done, press your thumb on the other hand into the center of the palm, this should be held in for one minute. You will begin to feel an amazing sense of relaxation in a short while.

With this method of relaxation, you will create a balance for your inner mind and suppress every form of stress related discomfort. Please watch the following video for a better illustration of this relaxation method.

Source: David Wolfe