A number of studies have suggested that chlorine blanch and the brighteners can optically make your clothes look good, but it can result in production of a number of toxic gases, and dioxins, which can lead to a number of respiratory complications, and can damage kidneys, with cancer.

But, many people use the laundry detergents, which are rich in the brighteners, and can brighten the clothes. They have a number of viruses, which remain on the clothes as a covering, as microscopic particles.

The chemicals, which are synthetic, can make the fabric, look bright, at times, when exposed to ultraviolet light, and can look like, it is bright.

Numerous brighteners can be made from benzene, which is quite harmful, as it does not get decomposed, and remain with water, which is poisonous to fish, and is a threat to aquatic life.

They can also result to a number of reactions, which are allergic, and can cause photo toxicity, which is caused, when the clothes are worn, that are washed with brighteners. They can enter the skin, and react with the skin in the daylight, and can lead to irritation and rash.

But, there are a number of natural substances, which have the effect of bleaching, but, without being harmful or even toxic.

Lemon juice is one, which is among them.

  1. You will have to add a cup of lemon juice to the washing machine, while it is doing the rinsing cycle, while washing your clothes. You can then put the clothes in the sun.
  2. You can put the white clothes in a bag or basin, which is full of hot water. You can use quite some amount of lemon juice in the basin, and keep the clothes after it. It can be left for one night.

On the next day, you can take the clothes from the basin and put them, for washing, in the washing machine, with the regular detergent. You can do the same step, as many times, as you need, unless you get the results. You will be astonished with the results.

Apart from it, the juice of lemon can also be used to clean acids and in dissolving of wax, cleaning wood, and for tarnishing, as well. It can also be used with salt to remove the strains away from fabric or similar other clothes.

You can apply the lemon juice on the stain, and use some more salt, as well. You will have to erase the stain and scrub, until it is removed.

There are other ways of clothes whitening, as well, through natural ways:

White vinegar, distilled

You will have to take half cup of white vinegar, which is distilled, with the detergent. The smell will disappear after it is dried. Vinegar can also be sprayed on the collar, and other stains.

Using 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

It is non-chlorine, but bleach. You can use half cups of hydrogen peroxide with your laundry detergent and can wait for the results.

Detergent for dishwasher

The detergent in the dishwasher can be utilized for whitening the clothes, as well. But, the dishwasher should definitely be eco-friendly. You will have to add ¼ cups of the detergent, with the detergent, you use in the laundry. You should use detergent, free from chlorine and phosphate.

Source: Just Natural Life