Are you aware about the risks of buying plastic water bottles? The risks of plastic water bottles are not a common topic. Therefore, you can’t manage excessive results of this search.

Primarily, the plastic bottle manufacturer should include the details of the materials on the label. Plastic is a harmful element of human bodies, so every company should clear the name and quality of their product. It is crucial and the buyers must follow it before buying.

The detail should be written in letter and digit forms on the label.

PET plastics (PETE):

Mostly, the PET plastics are used to make the common people products. It is not only used in water bottles but also many soft drink companies are applied it in their products. The basic of the type is single use. If it is repeated, then possibilities of bacterial affect on the human body would be more. PET releases a high range of heavy metals that affect the hormonal system. PET doesn’t purify easily and needs a high dose chemical to be cleaned up.

HDP plastics (called HDPE as well):

HDP is apparently harder than PET. It belongs to the stiff plastic genre, which is utilized to develop milk containers, detergent jars and oil bottles. The plastic is very popular in toy and bag manufacturing as well. If you test this, then you would not see any release of chemicals from this genre. Many water bottle manufactures and soft drink makers are using this material. If you can buy such products, then you would be safer than other uses.

PVC plastics (3V):

It is a common plastic item, which is used in many products throughout the globe. It is very soft and more flexible than other types. You would find it in food wrapping, children’s toys and others. PVC is using in blister packaging mostly. Yet, it is not the safest material. PVC has tendency to affect the users with 2 toxins. If you see experts’ advice, then choose an alternative if possible.


It is one of the most harmful types in the market. It shouldn’t be applied in products, which has any relation with the society. It doesn’t release dangerous chemicals, though it is very damaging for the human bodies.


You are supposed to see this type of plastic in syrup bottles and yogurt cups. It is a white and transparent stuff. There are many features like lightweight, durable and powerful. Therefore, it can resist heat; protect moisture and chemicals in perfect ways. It is popular as Polypropylene in the market as well.


PS is known as Polystyrene, which has a wide reputation and fame for dimensional function. It is an idol product for one time use, because the product can’t resist the damaging ingredients and chemicals for a long time. The use of this product for disposable cups, food and water containers are very obvious.

PC plastics (non-labeled):

You can’t see more dangerous plastic than Polycarbonate in the market. It is applied in making of sports water bottles and other products. Often people choose it for repetitive use, but it is very inconsistent and irresistible. The chemical leaching can turn into a danger of the material.