Do you want to lose weight? Then this diet is going to help you lose up to 5 kg in just 1 week. When using this diet make sure to take bananas and warm water.

The key to this unique combination is that it will speed up your metabolism. This is going to help you lose weight at a faster pace and in an efficient manner.

You should start your day with the following diet in the morning:

  • Bananas – 2
  • Warm water – 2

Make sure that the water is sufficiently warm (and not cold).

Then you can eat anything you want. But you are allowed to eat anything only up to 18:00 hours. At the same time you can take only banana and warm water as snacks between meals.

Make sure you don’t eat any sugary things and candies. If you feel like eating them, just take a banana and warm water. Overall, you should be drinking minimum of 2 L water daily.

Source: My Fit Magazine