Many of you are familiar with the fact that lemon when combined with baking soda can offer you several health benefits. However, you might not be aware of the fact that the combination is an excellent choice for people undergoing chemotherapy. It can also save your life.

How Lemon And Baking Soda Can Save Your Life?

After conducting studies on baking soda and lemon, experts have found that the mix is 10,000 times effective on  cancer cells than the much practiced process of chemotherapy. However, the fact is still kept as a secret as the pharmaceutical industry does not want to lose billions of dollars that they earn from chemotherapy. The anti-cancer properties present in lemon is not just beneficial for the patients suffering from cancer but also it is useful for treating different types of tumors and cysts. Thus, checking the risk of cancer. Though the citrus fruit is entirely useful for cancer treatment, its peel is the most effective one as it in rich in d-limonene compound. The compound has been tested on different animals and is proven to work effectively against cells causing cancer.

Lemons when mixed with baking soda alkalize the entire system of your body, which in turn help in maintaining pH balance and checks the growth of cancer cells. According to the experts, people who take 150gm citrus fruits every week have 18% less risk of getting colon cancer. It also reduces the risk of mouth cancer by as much as 53%, stomach cancer by 31% and pharynx cancer by almost 58%. Lemons checks the growth of cancer causing cells, which in turn help in fighting against this deadly disease. You may find it interesting to know that the citrus fruits can work much effectively than pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy and adriamicyn drugs.

Chemotherapy not only destroys cancer cells but also destroy several healthy cells as well. Therefore, going for lemon and baking soda is always a better choice. To prepare the mix, all you need is half a teaspoon baking soda mixed in two teaspoons juice of organic lemon. Drink it regularly to avoid cancer. Also eat a balanced diet ajd lead a healthy lifestyle.

Source: Healthy Food Team