Apparently This Is The Reason You Need To Massage Your Feet Before You Go To Sleep (1)

Expensive drugs and harsh treatments are a part of modern treatment modalities. They end up causing side effects which are more harmful than the disease or condition for which they are being treated. Therefore, people are now looking for natural alternatives to treat themselves. Homeopathy is one remedy to which the world is turning. People want to treat both their body and their minds.

Reflexology is one such alternative method of treatment which involves touching certain pressure points on your feet. Each point on your feet can bring about changes to certain parts of your body. Massaging these points or applying pressure to them can cure you of your pain, tension, aches and stress that are troubling you.

By applying pressure to specific points in your hand or feet increases blood flow in your body by stimulating thousands of nerves. About 15000 nerves form a network in your body and connect different organs and glands. To use this technique, be sure to check out the foot reflexology chart before trying it out.

Many everyday and simple problems can be cured by reflexology. These include sleep problems, back pain, headaches, digestion problems, cold and flu. This technique causes immediate relief if pressure is applied to the right areas on the feet.

There are professionals who can do this for you. But it can also be done at home. It is a very easy and cheap method. It is very simple to do and convenient too.

A lot of people might hesitate to try out this method. You may not be sure whether it will treat your problem or not. But think about it and you will realize that you have nothing to lose when you try it. It is not going to cause you any harm. At the most, you will feel relaxed and dose off to sleep. If it works for you, it’s good. If it doesn’t, there is no loss.

So before going to sleep tonight, massage your foot. You will realize that you sleep better and faster. You will also be able to relax much better.

Try it and let your friends know about it too. It may treat someone else’s problem and bring better health to them.

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