Have you ever ridden past your neighbor’s house and smelt that horrible smell of detergent? The detergent has a pungent chemical smell that is not liked. However, these detergents smell bad as they are cheap and plentiful and the ingredients are also not as expensive as should be. Laundry detergents like any other products, which are used for cleaning, cosmetic, or beauty products contain toxic chemicals as well as carcinogens as well.

Why you should not use Tide

The tide is known to contain a petrochemical solvent, which is known as 1,4-dioxane that is also found in paints and varnishes. Tide contains around 63 parts per million of this chemical. Tide free and clear also contains this chemical in a higher dose of 89 PPM. The environmental protection agency has declared that these chemicals are known to be carcinogenic in nature. The chemical, which is used as a solvent can expose you to high levels of dioxin that can cause headache, drowsiness, vertigo, anorexia as well as irritation in the eyes, nose and ears. It can also cause irritation in the skin. Many people were also exposed to cancer because of inhaling this chemical

Results of wearing clothes washed in Tide

The results of inhaling this chemical can be acute. Long-term exposure to this chemical can cause damage. Tide helps in contribution to carcinogenic chemical, which is being essentially diffused in your laundry room. Also, if you wear clothes, which are washed by tide the scent, can also cause danger in case of continuous inhalation. There may be people who sweat a lot. The moisture soaks into your clothes and causes the skin to absorb the laundry detergent. The armpits and the groin are the most important parts that help to soak the sweat. This means that apart from inhaling the chemical, you are also absorbing the chemical in the skin.

The harmful chemicals

Tide contains harmful chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, which may be carcinogenic. . Tide also contains propylene glycol, which is known to be an endocrine disruptor. It is also used for anti freezing qualities. Tide contains a variety of chemicals that are used for giving fragrance. These chemicals have harmful effects on the skin as well. There are two carcinogenic chemicals, which are thus used in Tide detergent.

Did you know that every chemical has some or the other carcinogenic effects. Since all these chemicals are foreign elements, they are dangerous to the skin. Tide contains a variety of ingredients that are known to be carcinogenic in nature. Introducing these chemicals may be cancerous for health.

Is there any other alternative?

If you are conscious about your health, you can make your own home made detergent from the very scratch. Now the choice is yours whether you would like to use the detergent which smells good or use a detergent which does not smell very good but is good for health.

Source: Healthy Wild and Free

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