The number of diabetic patients has been increasing, with one of the major reasons for its cause being sedentary lifestyle followed by the modern humans. Diabetes Mellitus as Diabetes is medically termed, is considered to be an assimilation disorder. As pancreas becomes atrophied or inactive and stops producing insulin, body does not have the ability to have sugar converted into energy to provide it to the muscles.

Symptoms noticed

The chief symptoms noticed are weight loss and weakness of the body, increase in urine passing amount and great thirst. At times, the person experiences voracious appetite. Due to poor vitality of tissues, different types of skin eruptions are noticed like appearance of carbuncles and boils. Itching also could be witnessed in the eczema and groin region. Gangrene of skin of feet that starts from the tone could prove to be a serious complication. However, the much younger is the patient, the more faster is seen the course of this disease.

Allopathic treatment

It mostly depends upon insulin administration for dissolving sugar into the blood as well as avoiding sugary and starchy foods and would be required on a regular basis, which can be painful at times.

Providing natural treatment

According to naturopathy, its objective is to have the body to have sugar assimilated into the system, which is made possible through following of a special diet. One can have curd created from milk of cow and different types of gourds, minus the salt. Greener vegetables are quite beneficial. Sour fruits are to be taken like pineapple, oranges, tomatoes, rose apple, scolanum, etc. The patient can also have food made out of flour. Daily long walks are an absolute must,

Other things to follow

Preparations, sugar and cereals are to be avoided. Fasting is a better way which is to be done at least for couple of days and to depend only upon sour fruits for a week, when green vegetables are to be alternated with fruits. Curd is to be made a compulsion in every meal. After following the regimen for a fortnight, the person may have whole flour bread.

People suffering from diabetes are to undertake physical exercises to use the blood sugar. Jogging and walking are wonderful exercises. The patients are also advised to perform some asanas as recommended by the yoga experts, since it is known to be very much effective to combat this disease.