Cosmetics are becoming a craze nowadays. But off the shelf cosmetic creams are very expensive and may cause some damage to the skin. Plus there is also the risk that these creams may not produce the desired results and you may end up wasting you money.

So here we bring to you a cream that is homemade, easy to make and safe to you. The ingredients are also very easily available.

What is required?

  • Almond Oil – One tablespoon (Olive oil can be used as well)
  • Honey – One tablespoon
  • Vaseline (pharmaceutical) – Two Tablespoons
  • Yolk – One

How to make this cream?

  • Use a microwave to heat the Vaseline for twenty seconds
  • Add the oil, honey and yolk onto the Vaseline.
  • Stir hard till the mixture becomes pasty
  • This can be then stored inside a box

How to use the cream?

Similar to most commercial creams, it has to be slowly rubbed on your face. Some cream is taken in the fingertips and gently massaged on the skin. Then it is left to dry on for twenty minutes to half hour. The cream can then be removed by using a wet cotton bud. The cream is to be used every day and if possible, two times per day.

Results are clearly visible in just over a week. It is also advised to leave the cream to work overnight for better results. The cream can be stored for longer if it is refrigerated.

So what does the cream do?

This cream will help to stop the effects of ageing and produces a slight glow on the skin. Wrinkles are removed by the regular usage of this cream as it provides some much needed hydration for the skin.

Source: Td Healthy Food