Cold can be a niggling concern, especially for kids. They also have a high probability of contracting cold since their immunity levels are low and they are can come into contact with germs very easily. Here is a simple remedy for cold in children. It can also help solve problems in the respiratory tract.

The recipe also contains honey which can help solve a range of cold related problems and cough can be treated with honey wraps.

So what is required for this honey wraps?

All the ingredients are easily available in most households:

  • Vegetable Oil
  • Flour
  • Honey
  • Gauze
  • Napkin
  • Band-Aid

How to make this recipe?

  • Mix the flour with some honey and stir. Make sure that this mixture is not very sticky
  • Add some vegetable oil to the compress.
  • Now put the honey & flour mixture onto a napkin
  • Wrap this into a cheesecloth
  • Keeps this on the back or the chest using the Band-Aid.

Let this treatment be provided when your child is asleep. After three hours has passed remove the cloth. In case of adults the compress can be left overnight for better results.

The best part about this remedy is that it is completely natural and there are no side effects to this.

Please do note that the honey wraps are advisable to use on children that are older than six months.