Did you ever wonder, do you properly take care of your vagina? There are certain rules that you need to pay attention when it comes to care of the vagina.

Leave the inside of your vagina alone

“Leave it alone. It’s like a self-cleaning oven. They make the vagina acidic so that it makes it difficult for pathogens to grow. And they produce different substances that can be toxic to different bacteria and viruses, ” explanis Dr. Jennifer Gunter.

Rinse it only with warm water

Every day we are offered a large number of products for the bath, but Dr Gunter advised to wash the outside of the vagina with warm water only.

Be careful with the soap

If you use the soap to wash intimate body parts, choose one that can at least be detrimental, because there are those which can disrupt the natural pH value and dry out the skin.

– Be careful with the ingredients in soap and bath gels. The advice is that if you wash your vagina with soap, choose the one with olive oil – says the doctor.

Given the fact that we are daily exposed to a large number of advertising, we buy products that are offered to us, and not to check the ingredients previously. Be sure that you’re doing this, because products can disrupt the natural PH value.

Rinse it once a day

Your skin “down there” is sensitive as any other part of the body, the more you wash it – the more you irritate it and eliminate natural ingredients that protect the vagina. It is enough to wash the vagina once a day.

Do not clean with steam

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has recently stated that she cleans the vagina, “with steam” because it is “good for the hormones and uterus.” Don’t do this!

“It’s not based on any understanding of physiology. Steam isn’t going into your vagina, and if steam could get in there, it would be harmful,” she says. “Your uterus doesn’t need to be cleaned.”

Do not use gloves or sponge

Under no circumstances should you use a sponge or gloves for washing intimate body parts because they can cause injury to the delicate mucous membranes.