Eggs are product that more often are applied in dieting. Is not only supply the body with essential vitamins and minerals, but also discharged the toxins from it. Eggs create a feeling of fullness and positive effect on metabolism. This Eggs diet promises a lose of 12 lb in just 7 days, but to achieve those 12 lb in just one week, you should strictly adhere to the daily menu of the Eggs Diet.


This is the menu for the 7 days Eggs Diet!

  • Monday:

Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs, 2 oranges and 1 cup low-fat sour milk

Lunch – 6.6 oz (200 g) of boiled chicken without skin and 1 cup of yogurt

Dinner – one boiled egg, 5 oz (150 g) of boiled chicken without skin and 1 orange

  • Tuesday:

Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs and juice made just from one lemon

Lunch – 5 oz (150 g) of roasted fish and 1 grapefruit

Dinner – 3 hard-boiled eggs

  • Wednesday:

Breakfast – 2 hard-boiled eggs and 1 cup of warm water with 1 fresh squeezed lemon juice

Lunch – 6.6 oz (200 gr) of boiled beef and 1 grapefruit

Dinner – 3 hard-boiled eggs

  • Thursday

Breakfast – 3 scrambled eggs with dill, onion and parsley

Lunch – 5 oz (150 g) of cooked chicken and salad of seasonal vegetables

Dinner – 1 hard-boiled egg and 2 oranges

  • Friday:

Breakfast – hall 2 carrots, 2 hard-boiled eggs and 1 tablespoon sour cream

Lunch – 2 carrots and 1 cup freshly squeezed orange

Dinner – 3.3 oz (100 g) of boiled fish and boiled egg 1

  • Saturday:

Breakfast – 5 oz (150 g) of low-fat yogurt and 1 freshly squeezed juice from citrus

Lunch – 2 boiled eggs and 2 grapefruit

Dinner – water only

  • Sunday:

Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs and half a grapefruit

Lunch – 6.6 oz (200 g) of beef and 1 orange

Dinner – water only

During the diet is recommended to consume large amounts of water. After termination of the diet, when you start eating normally, in the first few days it is mandatory that you eat the following foods: eggs, cheese, oranges, grapefruit and slowly get back on the food that you eat before you start the diet, but if you want to do not get the yo-yo effect then is better to control your feeding after the diet or implement Eggs diet ones a month!

Source: Healthy Food USA