Perfectly boiled egg is one of the best food to consume and at the same time, it is very difficult to eat, when it is not boiled correctly. Sometimes, the bile is too dry, sometimes the albumen or the yolk is not cooked perfectly.

This happens because the egg should be boiled in two different temperatures as it contains two different compositions such as yolk and albumen. The albumen needs to be cooked at temperature of 180 degrees and yolk requires 170 degrees of heat.

Here you will learn how to boil a egg to get perfectly boiled egg. One chef got the perfect idea of how to prepare the perfectly cooked egg.


1) Put eggs in a boiled water for 30 second and then add a few ice cubes to reduce the temperature of the water.

2) A chef has extracted each egg from the water for every 2 minutes, to see the final result.

In this way, you can make the perfect boiled egg according to your taste.