We would take unhealthy food at some time in a day. People use strict diet in order to aware from unhealthy conditions. But diet plays a major role as it provides a good look if we consume it limitedly. There is more effective way that can measure how much food you should eat.

Follow this guide and see how much food is enough just for 1 day.

1) Join your hands as you do it for taking water but instead of water, measure how much vegetables can stay here. That amount of vegetables are good enough for one day.

2) In order to discover how much carbohydrates you need in one day, tighten your fist and the part of your folded fingers is the amount of carbohydrates that you need in one day. Carbohydrates include rice, paste, cereal, and bread are included.

3) The size of your hand without fingers is the piece of meat that should be eaten in over a day.

4) Moreover, the tightened fist is equal to the amount of fruit that you should consume in over a day.

5) Now, measure the index finger and the middle finger. You will learn how much quantities of dairy products you need to enter during the day.

Source: The Magic Of Healthy Life