Life is too short to waste it on trifles! Here are 5 of the more important things to achieve happiness and longevity from the perspective of centenarians:

Laughter – Be happy, be optimistic. Get enough sleep. You do not owe anything to anyone!

Have a job that makes you happy – Do not take a boring and underpaid job. Always be on good terms with your bosses. Unemployment and insecure jobs can affect your health, so be sure you’re doing a job that you love and that is well-suited to your skillset.

Socialize – Dedicate the majority of your free time to your friends and family. Socializing can be more important than exercising, since loneliness is detrimental to our health.  Learn to forgive and fill your heart with positive emotions.

Forget about perfectionism – Although it may be a desirable trait, the pursuit of perfection in all things in life (which is of course unachievable) will tire you, and most importantly, you will miss some of the most beautiful moments in life.

Kiss more often – and spend time with your partner, because life is too short to waste it anybody but those that matter to you most.