Dextoins is one of the best methods to cleanse your body from toxins that build up over time. If you carry our detoxification, you do not need to avoid some foods out of your diet. However, detoxification is one of the safest forms.

You can follow many types of foot detox procedures that includes foot detox pads and detox foot spas, using both electric and homemade. Performing detoxification can help you to lead a happy life and cleanse your body.

Here is how they work:

Foot detox pads

Foot detox pads are made from tree and bamboo extracts and you can purchase them in any health food store. Foot detox pads are also known as foot detox patches. They are simple to use.

Applying foot detox pads before you go to sleep, and removing them when you wake up is the better idea. Toxins will be removed from your body overnight. But, users of foot detox pads report feeling less fatigue, less joint pan, and fewer headaches.

Your feet needs ionic foot baths in order to detoxify the body in order to get the toxins. Ionic foot bath is an electrical process that produces positive and negative ions in warm saltwater.

How ionic detox foot baths work

Ionic detox foot paths work by ionizing war saltwater with alternating polarities as you breathe easy and enjoy the sense of well-being that comes from both cleansing and soaking your feet.

In this process, your feet releases toxins from your body. These toxins occur due to unhealthy eating habits, mainly the consistent consumption of processed foods and saturated fats. We also breathe toxins due to air pollution.
Ions and electrons

Electrolysis is the process behind the ionic foot baths. It is a method of using an electrical current to create a chemical reaction. You can gain energy through the saltwater that breaks down water molecules into ions. Warm water helps to open the pores of the feet and salt acts as an anti-inflammatory astringent. Due to this process, ions are absorbed and the detoxification of your feet begins.

If you add salt water to your foot, you can observe change in the water. They will turn to a dark mud-brown, or, in some cases, black, color. The color changes as a result of the salt reacting with the ionic cartridge. However, it is not a result of toxins leaving your body.

Soak those feet!

Ionic foot baths can be used regularly for up to 45 minutes at a time. If you want, you can do it every day. It is not necessary to use a foot detox machine more than once a day to achieve the desired results of deep-foot cleansing.

Ionic foot bath is soothing and provides relax to your foot. It helps you too feel fresh. Along with ionic foot bath, deep breathing techniques and meditative practices will help your body’s supply of oxygen as it gives an overall sense of calm and well-being.

Recipe for homemade detox foot bath

Use a simple container from your home that’s large enough for both of your feet to fit comfortably.

You need to visit your local health and nutrition store to purchase an herb packet, which is used for foot detoxification. If you do not get a health food store, or right herb packet, you can try common ingredients such as tea, dried hot peppers,  garlic, ginger or dried citrus fruit peels.

Tea (green tea, regular tea or any of the specialty herb teas) is especially effective, and can also help reduce problematic foot odor caused by toxins. You can do an experiment using any of these products.

Now, mix your homemade herb concoction or store-bought one, with very hot water in your foot bath.

Soak your feet for 25 minutes. Enjoy and relax !

Source: Health Advisor Group