Obesity has become a major problem these days and many of you may not know that fats or carbohydrates to be the cause of it. Well, the extra pounds are not just caused by fats or carbohydrates, it is also caused by sugar. It is always recommended to avoid consuming sugar or take it in moderate amount. Excess consumption can be detrimental for health. People may not always note that candy, yogurts, salad dressings, pouch juices, breakfast cereal and sodas are rich in sugar. Taking these items or any other sugar content food in excess amount may lead to symptoms like sleepiness, mental instability, sinus or cold problems, headaches, depression, yeast infections, consequent fatigue. Excess sugar consumption may also lead to breast cancer or other types of cancer, it increases the risk of heart diseaes and diabetes.

How can you relate sugar intake with weight gain?

Sugar consumption helps in energy building but the excess sugar is not used for energy build up. It is in turn stored as fat in the body. As this extra sugar is not the same as natural sugar, it reaches the intestines and make reactions with the intestinal bacteria, which in turn raises the blood sugar level. Finally, it turns to fat and gets deposited in thighs, hips or waist.

No more sugar consumption

Quitting sugar might appear impossible but you can do it. Yet, initially you may face some withdrawal symptoms like cravings, fatigue, queasiness, headaches or sadness. Therefore, it is better to start cutting one sugar containing food at a time. Your body might send signal to brain about the sugar reduction and you may feel hungry again. There is nothing to be worried, this will improve with time.

Doing 3-Day complete detox of body sugar to lose some extra pound and get better health

Day 1-

Breakfast- Take a cup of oats and add three eggs or seeds or almonds or berries with it.

Morning snack- Take a bowl filled with nuts.

Lunch- Take one chicken breast along with cooked almonds, beans, turnips, parsnips, beets, carrots and butternut squash.

Dinner- Take a broiled fish along with salmon or green beans. Also add some mushrooms and fried broccoli.

Day 2-

Breakfast- Take one cup steel cut oats and add three eggs with spinach or almonds or seeds and berries with it.

Morning snack- Take one small bowl filled with nuts.

Lunch- Take grilled zucchini with yellow and red peppers with vinegar and one lemon. Get thyme dressing, red and green cabbage completely shreded and tossed in olive oil with shredded carrots. Add salt dressing, lemon and get garnish the preparation with choppped parsley.

Dinner- Take steamed green vegetables with some vegetable casserole and baked cod that has been stir fried with bok choy or bean soup. Also add some turnips and Brussels sprouts roasted

Day 3-

Breakfast- Take one cup steel cut oats along with some seeds and berries or almonds. You can also add 3 egg omlette with some shrimp, sauted kale, walnut salad and radish to it.

Mid-morning snack- Go for a small bowl filled with nuts.

Lunch- Take chicken thighs properly roasted with some sage, lemon and rosemary. You can also go for onion if you are taking oven roasted chicken. Thyme and black olives can also be opted for better taste.
Dinner- Take mushrooms with penne pasta/bay leaves, thyme, celery, carrots, onion, garlic broth, tomato meat sauce and basil. You can add brown rice with penne pasta.

Sugar detoxification drinks

Instead of taking sugary drinks go for the detox waters or alternative hot drink that can help in boosting your metabolism.

Detoxification water- Chop any of these fruits, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, grapefruits and add mint or rosemary. Store the mix in a jar and drink regularly.

Tea- Switch to green tea or unsweetened herbal tea for thrice a day.

Coffee- Do not take over a cup of unsweetened black coffee everyday.

This diet plan has proven effects on checking the craving for sugar or sugary dishes. Therefore, you can start with it without any sort of hesitation. However, if you are suffering from any special health condition, you can consult a doctor.

Source: My iLifeStyle