Hair dye is bad. In fact, English scientists have reported that hair dyes have chemicals that have been correlated with cancer, 87 out of every 100 women who died their hair repeatedly have developed breast cancer.  The National Institute of Cancer found that over 5000 chemicals products have been found in normal air dyes and many of them are carcinogenic. That’s why going the natural route when it comes to changing your hair color is the way to go for your long-term health. No, natural products won’t have the same effect, but your hair will be stronger and far less damaged.

So what’s a natural way to dye your hair? Coffee! Natural coffee can not only give you your desired results, but will aid in hair growth. The International Magazine of Dermatology published a study that talked about how coffee helps dye your hair.

Using Coffee As Hair Dye

  1. You will need to prepare strong, organic coffee, such as expresso. Many non-organic coffee brands contain toxins.
  2. Let the coffee cool.
  3. Mix 2 teaspoons of natural hair conditioner with 2 teaspoons of organic coffee and 1 cup of your now cooled down already made coffee.
  4. Coat the mix over your hair and leave in for 1 hour. Your hair will begin to naturally turn a brown color without damaging or frying your hair.

Rinsing It

  1. You want to shampoo your hair with a natural shampoo first then apply coffee onto hair.
  2. Leave in hair for around 20 minutes
  3. Use apple cider vinegar to rinse the coffee out
  4. Finally, rinse hair with lukewarm water. If you’re not happy with the way it turned out, repeat the procedure again the next day, and the next day until you’re happy!

Source: Be Extra Healthy Now