The deadly disease, cancer is a nightmare for all. Yet, many of you may not know that overlooking the groins, armpit, areas around your head and neck often leave the cancers unnoticed. Many people may also get enlarged lymph node lumps behind the ears as well.

Know about the lymph nodes properly so that you can be prepared from the very onset. Lymph nodes are one of the most important sections of the lymphatic and immune system, which help the body in fighting with diseases and infections. These small nodes are responsible for carrying not only nutrients and fluids but also wastes from blood stream as well as tissues and vice-versa. Generally, lymph nodes are small and do not come into notice at their normal condition. The problem occurs when these become swollen and are known as  lymphadenopathy or  lymphadenitis or swollen glands.

Causes behind the swelling of lymph nodes

Lymph node swelling indicates some problem within the body. It can be minor like cold or flu and can also be severe like inflammation, injury or even cancer. In most of the cases, it is determined by the area of occurrence.

Identifying swollen lymph nodes

Enlarged or swollen lymph nodes may appear as cherry or pea, but is not always a sign of something dangerous. There is no need to panic, if it is just less than a centimeter. However, you should be careful if the size doubles or triples. You should also give care if you feel the following sensations:

  • Red skin, swelling or warm feeling in the area of lymph node.
  • Lumps
  • Tenderness or pain when its touched.
  • Infection signs like fever, chills, sweating, runny nose, cough, fatigue, mouth sores or sore throat.

Treating swollen lymph nodes

It is best to get the lymph nodes checked by doctor if you notice any sort of irregularity. However, you can check it on your own as well.

Natural remedies- You can consider using garlic as it is known for its antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties for supporting the immune system by fighting against infections. If used daily, it can reduce inflammation as well as swelling of lymph nodes.