This recipe not only helps you to get rid of kidney stones, but also helps you to get rid of the remains of sand. Therefore, helps to clear the kidneys of sediment. This amazing recipe will help you get rid of your kidney stones in just six days.

This will truly acts as a fantastic natural recipe, which will efficiently help you to get rid of your kidney stones. Before using the recipe, just make sure that kidney stone is not too big because it will make damage when it starts to come out.

Moreover, one man shared his experience with this recipe on the social network. He said that he got rid of his kidney stones that look like larger than a grain of wheat by using this recipe.

How to prepare:


  • 100 ml of olive oil
  • 100 ml of beer
  • 100 ml of lemon juice


Pour all the ingredients into a bottle and drink 50ml of this liquid every morning on an empty stomach. Remember that you have to shake the bottle before you take it.

Repeat this procedure for six days and you will definitely get rid of your kidney stones. But, it will take three to four days to get rid of these stones.

Many people succeeded by trying this recipe and they got rid of kidney stones.


The lemon juice you take must be fresh and therefore, it has to be squeezed from the lemon. Make sure that the bottle size should be of minimum size. If it is bigger than 15 mm, this recipe will help you get rid of it, but then the stone itself can do damage during ejection through the narrow channels.

Source: Health & Healthy Living