Mice infestation in the house can surely give nightmare to any people. The presence of the rodents is not the only matter of concern. It brings its feces, urine, diseases, lice and several other germs along. The worst thing is the population of these rodents, which multiplies rapidly as one female mouse can lay 10 litters per year with each litter containing 10 mice.

There are several products for killing or eradicating the mice population from home. Yet, all of them are not quite effective. Even if some are effective, they are harmful for human health. Therefore, it will be better if you know how to get rid of mice naturally.

The natural way of removing mice from home is divided into two steps or phases. While the first step focuses on preventing mice from entering home, the second step is to find ways of getting rid of the rodents. Yet, before you proceed to the second step, you should ensure that all the holes and doors are locked properly to prevent mice entering your home. Once the entries are sealed, you can get rid of them irrespective of their numbers or their place of hiding.

How to get rid of mice naturally

Generally, you have two common steps for removing mice from the household. You can either do it by using a trap or you can get a rat bait. Yet, there are drawbacks to these techniques, as people often cannot bear the strong smell of the killed rat. If you too are among them, who wants to get rid of rats naturally but not without using the conventional method, here is something that you can vouch for.

Method 1- Soft drinks can be of great help in killing mice, as these rodents can never burp. Therefore, if you keep some soft drinks in a disposable container before going to bed, you will certainly find a dead rat lying near to it, once you wake up in the morning.

Method 2- Take flour and Plaster of Paris in equal amount. Mix it well and then add a tablespoon of common salt to it. Put it in a disposable container and keep it close to the doors or windows. Also keep some water close to it, as the rats will feel thirsty and once they drink the water, they will die, as the mixture will solidify inside their body.

Method 3– Mice are fond of chocolate powder taste. So, it will be wise of you, if you just make a mix of chocolate powder and plastic powder. Keep it anywhere outside your home and place a water bowl next to it. Once they drink water after eating the mixture, they will die, as the mix will expand inside their body.

Method 4- Domesticate a dog or a cat. Mice are afraid of these animals and will stay away from your house.

Select the natural way that you find to be the best and eliminate mice from your premises at ease. However, if the measure fails, then you are surely in bad luck.

Source: Natural Healing Magazine