Back pain is something that still gives a lot of issues in the ‘detection of the cause’ stage because there are so many factors that could cause back pain like injuries, vertebrae, strained muscles, spinal stenosis, diseases and a host of other factors.

Most of the time, specifically 85%, the cause of back pain cannot be detected no matter the top-notch diagnostic methods that are used.

Some could be very serious and persist for a period of one month and above, but in the end, there is still relief from the pain without having to undergo treatment. There are however, some rare cases where the pain gets critically serious and extra testing needs to be done to determine the exact cause.

Once in a while, our necks and shoulders and even our muscles feel stiff and often times cause us pain, even our heads feel heavy and brings about tiredness to our joints.

Factors that could worsen this pain include carrying of heavy things and also wrong posture. Aging, in addition to lifting heavy load can lead to arthritis. Exercises involving heavy lifting can be a contributing factor for pain in the back an neck.

Tips for a Healthy Back

To keep your back healthy, exercise is paramount. Sitting in one place for a long stretch of time causes the muscles in the waist to be weak and will eventually lead to back pain.

Another tip is to change your mattress if you have been using it for more than five years. Some cases have shown that mattresses can stop back pain an also improve a person’s quality of life.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach. It is not a good posture for your back and neck.

If you are the kind of person who is not really into exercising, walking around daily for 30 minutes is enough to exercise your muscles. You can also get involved in hiking to relax the muscles in your back.

Stay away from lifting heavy things. This can spike your pain levels an even alter your spine structure.

In situations where you have to carry heavy objects, you need to first bend your knees and crouch to make your thigh muscles active and also make it easy for you to lift the object.

Back Pain Can Be Transmitted

The shoulders are the joints that allow for movement in a wider form. Factors that cause shoulder pain are:

  • Dislocation
  • Unstable shoulder joints
  • Fractured bones in the hand
  • Stiff shoulders
  • Stretching

Possible Causes of the Spread of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be chronic or acute. Some factors that cause neck pain are listed below.

The major cause of neck pain is damage in the structure of the neck areas or if the structure undergoes stretching like the muscle, ligament and tendon.

Factors that could cause the muscles in the neck to stretch or cramp are:

  • Poor sitting posture
  • Sitting for a long stretch of time
  • Poor sleeping posture
  • Inactivity or absence of exercise

How to Reduce Pain at Home

Medically, it has been proven that both hot and cold compresses can significantly reduce pain. So while at home, use either hot or cold compresses on the area that you feel pain and carry on the procedure for about 2 to 3 hours.

Carry out daily exercise involving neck and back movement. This will make the muscles in your back and neck stronger and also reduce the pain. Even if the pain you feel is chronic, exercising can cause a major reduction in the pain levels.

Relax the muscles in your back and neck by massaging them. This helps to eliminate pain in those areas. You can seek out the services of a professional masseur or enlist the help of a close friend.

Your pillow should be a memory foam pillow that would adjust itself to fit with the shape of your head and neck or you use a feather pillow. Get rid of any high or hard pillows because they contribute to pain in the neck.

Sleeping sideways may cause you to have a curved spine, so avoid this sleeping position. Your pillow should be one that allows your neck to be placed at a higher angle than your head. For long distance journeys, you can make use of horseshoe cushion to give your neck and head a solid support.

The most important of all, get rid of the stress. Stress tops the list of factors that cause pain and stiffness in the back. Try to be relaxed always; you can get involved in yoga and meditation to let out the stress.