Blueberries are simply delicious, there’s hardly a gathering that is not instantly warmed up by serving blueberries either raw or used in a tasty pie. Can I dare say we all love these delicious wonders?

What’s even more awesome is that these delicious berries have amazing health benefits. This is just great news, there’s finally a food we love to eat that has very good health benefits to us. You will agree with me that this is hardly the case. Almost every food we love eating has been condemned by the health standards.

The beneficial properties of the blueberries

We have compiled a list of the health benefits that you will enjoy when you have a healthy serving of blueberries every day

Blueberries have very minimal calorie content. The nutritional breakdown for a cup of blueberries includes- 3.6 grams of healthy fiber, 24% Vitamin C, AND 36% Vitamin K.

Blueberries are very popular for their antioxidant properties. They are very potent in preventing the degradation of cells in the body by harmful free radicals. Blueberries have been reported to have strong anti-ageing properties, this will catch the attention of many- why not take a handful of blueberries this very instant? They preserve a balanced DNA and they can also prevent the harmful effects of carcinogenic compounds- cancer causing compounds in the body.

Blueberries promote balanced blood cholesterol in the body.

They are also effective in managing a normal blood pressure. Various reputable studies have indicated that the properties of blueberries can beneficial in reducing a patient’s blood pressure by 4.6%. The common therapy for this is an inclusion of about 50 grams of blueberry in the patients menu consistently for eight weeks, to enjoy this benefit.

The antioxidants contained in blueberries are also good for improving brain functions and sustaining a good memory.

Growing the Blueberry in your home

Well wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic to have a blueberry bush right behind your home? The following steps will get you to achieve this.

Choose the perfect spot

Blueberries will thrive in a spot where there is a good exposure to sunlight for adequate photosynthesis and nourishment from the soil.

You can also get garden beds for your blueberries to grow even better. Beds will absorb the right amount of moisture and retain it for the blueberry to grow well. Blueberries will also grow well in a sizeable container if you do not have enough space to grow them in the open. The best specie for this will be the dwarf blueberry plant.

Space out your blueberry plants

It will be best to space out the plants so that the bush will grow to its normal size without any hindrance. The recommended space is about 3 feet apart in a garden allocation of 6 feet.

How to Plant

The spring time is the best time to plant your blueberry. They are usually ready to be enjoyed by august. The wait is worth it.

You can also take advantage of farms that sell small plants in their nurseries, this way you can transplant the developing blueberry plant onto a permanent location.

The plant will perform excellently when you provide adequate water and make a good soil available for it to grow.


Mulching is done by many people who are not willing to take chances with their harvest. They need excellent blueberries when the harvest time comes. Mulching is done with sawdust, grass clippings or rind mulch. This is mixed into the soil with a measurement of about 3 inches.


Pruning is important to allow the best features of your growing plant to blossom. Pruning gets rid of struggling branches leaving only the best to thrive. This can be done with a pair of farm scissors. You should clear the pruned branches from the base of the plant after you have finished.

Application of Fertilizer

The best fertilizers are the organic fertilizers. They promote the proper growth of almost all plants including the blueberry. Your plant will also be protected from the harsh effects of those unscreened chemicals that are included in inorganic fertilizers. Since you are growing this bush for personal consumption, you should be able to afford the amount of organic fertilizers needed to encourage a superb growth of your blueberry bush.

Blood meals and cotton seed are also good options that will promote the growth and proper development of your blueberry bush.

To attain full maturity, a blueberry bush will have to be nurtured for three years. This is applicable with either methods of cultivation you have chosen.

I can confirm that it will be a thrill watching your blueberry bush develops in an awesome wonder. Please take pictures of this growth and the different stages until the berries shoot out.

Source: The Hearty Soul