How the ginger is healthy and how much the doctors likes to recommend it, has long been known, but how to breed it grow in a pot at home, teach us blogger Kristina.

“Plant the ginger at home!” is the title of a blog post, in which Cristina explains in a detail how to plant ginger root in a pot and then watered it regularly until you get the fruit of for a use.

The only material that you will need is a pot with soil and bought ginger root, which in its shape resembles a human hand. Best is to choose a “hand” with the more “fingers”. To get as many fruits, it is necessary to break the tentacles of ginger into several parts.

Planting is easy: put in a pot one “finger” of ginger, and do not forget to leave it on the surface. Be careful not to cover the ginger with the ground because this is the main trick to get a successful planting. You should water frequently. Do not look for a lot of light, but requires heat.


Christine advises to plant as a house plant in early fall, and when spring comes, to transfer it into the garden. When transfer it from a plant pot into the garden, it is necessary to choose the place with loose fill land and watered regularly. Christina claims that you didn’t need to worry about pests and some problems that can attack the plant.

If you take care of your plant by Christina’s tips, the green sprout ginger can grow from 60 to 120 cm. Leave the offshoot to grow from 3 to 5 months before you start to use the new tubers that will appear on the ground.