Avocados are the best fruits that acts as wonderful fruits in summer. If you prepare a salad using guacamole or avocado, store seeds to grow into avocado trees.

However, the pear-shaped fruits are a delicious. They act as an excellent condiment or you can also take them as your diet. The trees of avocados are warm that can be easily damaged by cold and frost. North gardeners must learn how to grow an avocado houseplant in order to enjoy fruits grown at home.

Extract the seed

Remove the pit from the avocado carefully and then wash it cleanly. If it is difficult to pull the pit, soak it in some water for a few minutes and then scrub all the remaining fruit off. You should be very careful while extracting the seed. Do not remove the brown skin on the pit as it is the seed cover.

  • Pierce the seed.

Some avocado pits are oblong, whereas others are shaped almost like perfect shapes. But all avocado pits have a bottom (from where the roots will grow), and a ‘top’ (from which the sprout will grow).

End is the top and the flat end is the bottom. You need to place the bottom root end in water in order to get your pit to sprout. So it is very important to figure out which end is the ‘top’ and which is the ‘bottom’ before you go piercing it with toothpicks.

  • Soak the seed in water.

The toothpicks need to be soaked in the water. Stick them at a slight angle (pointing down), so that more of your avocado base rests in the water when you set this over a glass.

  • Let the seed sprout.

In three to six weeks, your avocado pit will begin to split and a stem sprout will rise from the top. Roots will begin to grow at the base. When you observe that the stem grows to about five or six inches, remove the top set of leaves,  In another two or three weeks new leaves will sprout and there will be more roots.

  • Trim the sprout.

Once the sprout tail grows to 6 or 7 inches, trim it in half to encourage new growth.

  • Prepare to plant.

Use potting soil that contains vitamins in a large flowerpot. Fill the soil to about an inch from the top of the pot. Dig a small hole in the center of the soil and place the pit, root-side down into the depression. Water the plant daily so that the soil will thoroughly moist.