It is generally known that many factors may contribute to the impact on the formation, development and spread of many kinds of bacteria in food and that is precisely the emergence of bacteria manifested a series of negative reflections of the people, or human health.


One of the main factors that may contribute to this phenomenon, is the high temperature that causes the increased perishability which foods, especially during the summer period can be exposed.

For this reason, especially foods that are less resistant to heat and more prone to break down, and these are the foods of animal origin, all kinds of meat, eggs, milk and dairy products, can not stay long out the fridge. In the fridge, they will keep much longer and preserve its freshness, and freshness that will last just as much as you need, until it is time for the thermal processing of foods, ie their preparation for eating. When it comes to thermal treatment mentioned foods, make sure that this one still, during each preparation, when last summer the heat is sufficiently cooked, whether boiled, fried or baked. Thermal processing, killing a large number of already existing and possibly present harmful bacteria on food.

In addition to food of animal origin from long-term exposure to high temperatures, and keep those foods in which they could come to a boil, because the fermentation, can be one of the many causes of food poisoning, and it is subject to certain types of fruit, such as grapes and grape-based beverages such as wine and blueberries.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, make sure that it is always out of reach of insects, especially those that are potential carriers of infection, such as flies, which are numerous in the summer and make sure that the fruits and vegetables before eating necessarily be carefully thoroughly washed.

Water, not only with fruits and vegetables will remove dirt and external sources of bacteria, but will largely draw from it and remove the content of pesticides that are harmful to human health, and that may be present within these foods. In order to provide more effective removal of pesticides from fruits and vegetables, it is recommended that it stay the night in a pot with water before use. Period standing of fruits and vegetables in water can be reduced by adding apple cider or common salt, which neutralize and pesticides and other harmful agents.

Whether it comes to animal products or fruits and vegetables, and plant foods, in both cases, try to purchase food that are in a pre-tested and certified places. Hygiene building where you buy groceries, as well as the method of storage and storage of food in the same, up to the moment of purchase, has a profound effect on their future safety. For many foods, and that the time of purchase does not even notice, the process of decay can start even before you and take from the raft and bring into your home. Therefore, when you buy, make sure the freshness of food or check their expiry date if the food are in the package. What I would suggest that foods are not in working order at the time of sale, it could be changed by their color, which is usually the case with meat and meat products, unpleasant smell, the obvious lack of fresh appearance, etc.