Some intestinal bacteria will be present in our body and cause various diseases for decades. Symptoms include heartburn, oesophageal, diarrhoea, and flatulence, mid abdominal pain, constipation, re flux, bloating and burping.

Many symptoms are related to these bacteria. Many people think these symptom look like normal body function.

Helicobacter Pylori can lead and cause gastritis, inflammation on stomach and responsible for ninety percent of duodenal ulcer and eight percent of gastric ulcers. H pylori are non digestive condition that includes cardio vascular disorder, Reynaud diseases and migraines that impaired circulation in human feet and hands.

It may cause depression and anxiety as Helicobacter Pylori cause some short serotonin in the human brain. When bacteria float in public, we will feel uncomfortable. It is very hard to manage this problem when people do not know about what is going on. This spiral shaped bacteria can be found in the human stomach line of animal and human. However, the bacteria can change the mind of human.

However, people can make difference through contaminated and ingesting water and foods, without washing hands. It makes you to get risk of H Pylori contraction.

You need to check this condition in any restaurant as well as cleanliness at home. Carry intestinal bacteria that can disrupt human life.

Nearly 80% of people got rid of Helicobacter Pylori successfully. In addition, anti biotic is also very helpful and useful. You need to consult doctor and get proper prescription.

Antibiotic is not needed in some cases but it is the best option for medical attention. Try to keep away the bacteria from stomach. You can protect stomach lining by getting plenty of vitamin C, A, E.

You should try pro-biotic that looks like bifidobacteria to prevent and protect them as well. It can reduce health problems and is recommended to use.

Ensure that you maintain health and good by washing hands properly, drinking mineral water from safe source.

Consult your doctor to get proper health examination. You should be very careful when it comes to H pylori problems especially if this situation can cause to your work life and social environment.

Source: Secretly Healthy

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