Many love terrarium. If you also want to treasure it in your home and make it all by yourself, you just need to have the following ingredients with you.

Ingredient list:

  • Selected succulents
  • Mid-sized river pebbles
  • Sydney sand
  • Propagating sand
  • Blue rainbow sand
  • Large glass bowl

Things needed for decoration:

  • Fish ornaments
  • Dead Rock
  • Small driftwood pieces
  • Sturdy funnel sticks or chopsticks
  • Painbrush

Terrariums are composed of different layers and each need to be decorated with distinct materials.

  • Place the perlite or gravel at the vessel’s bottom for helping with the drainage, as these pots do not have a hole.
  • Place horticultural charcoal above the gravels for neutralizing the effect of bad smell.
  • The next layer is to be formed by sphagnum, as this will help the pot in retaining the moisture level.

You can use different materials depending on the plants you want to use. For instance, Hypoesthesia and African violets are suited for the combination stated above. However, if you want cactus or any other succulents, you will not require sphagnum, as these do not need moisture retention.

Watering and care

Just making the terrarium is not all.

  • You will have to take proper care of it and for that, you need to mist it at least one time in seven days. Do not give excess water, as it is detrimental for the plant life inside the pot.
  • Plants should be offered some brightness to grow but you should not directly expose it in sun. Placing them close to a window is a good choice but you should rotate the plants for offering equal exposure to all.
  • Remove moisture and dust from the container to keep it clean. Also check for dead leaves to ensure there no fungal growth in the pot.

What should be planted?

As your terrarium would be placed inside the house, you should select indoor plants that can thrive in small space. Here is a list of plant from which you can make the selection:

  1. Cacti
  2. Succulents
  3. Baby’s tears
  4. African violets
  5. Small ferns
  6. Sansevieria
  7. Fittonia
  8. Hypoestes

Some useful tips

First Step- Put the rainbow sand on bowland’s bottom and spread pebbles evenly throughout the bowl.


Second Step- Now; spread the sand in the center part as well as on the top of the pebbles. Make sure the sand layer is a minimum of 4-inches depth. Now, pack the sand around the edges with due care.


Third Step- Plant whatever you have selected once the surface is flat. Put taller ones at the backside and short plants on the front side. Use chopsticks to plant the items properly. Now, place the decorative items.


Fourth Step- Take a funnel and put the Sydney sand above the propagating sand. Take paintbrush for removing the excess sand from the plants. For watering, you need to mist it at an interval of seven days.


Follow the steps carefully and your terrarium will be ready.

Source: Health Adore