Vitamin C is extremely essential for several functions in the body. The ascorbic acid contained in it destroys microbe in the gut and improve immunity. But in today’s world, with the current lifestyle and food habits it is extremely difficult to sufficient intake of Vitamin C. And most producers of vitamin C supplements don’t actually contain Vitamin C in its actual essence. Rather they use substitutes that mimic release of Vitamin C.

A simple and affordable source of Vitamin C is orange peels regularly produced using ascorbic acid which is a synthetic chemical got from glucose. Orange peels are a highly concentrated source of Vitamin C.

Health benefits of Orange Peels:

  • A medium sized orange has more than 170 phytonutrients and 60 flavonoids
  • The peels aid and assist in digestion and grants relief from gas, acid reflux.
  • The respiratory system also receives a boost from orange peels as it can ease out asthma and grant relief from cough.
  • It has anti-microbial and calming properties.
  • Liver capacity and life can also be increased due to the presence of vital oils and d-limonene that are present in orange peels.

A Single ingredient Vitamin C blast:

  • Cut orange peels into thin strips
  • Dry the peels at room temperature for few days until they turn crisp
  • After they dry up, grind these strips in a processor
  • Have a teaspoon of this powder on a daily basis
  • Be sure that this powder is stored in air / water tight containers.

One spoon of this powder will give you sufficient Vitamin C to meet with your daily requirement.

Source: Healthier Way of Life