Want to wash your washing machine to get rid of all dirt and door? If yes, try this quick and easy solution!

How can you get rid of fungus and odor from your washing machine?

Some of the things you will need to include

  1. 25 grams of salt or lemon or even potassium hydrogen oxalate
  2. A little bit of liquid detergent which is used for cleansing
  3. A sponge
  4. A pair of gloves


  1. First you will have to wipe the hidden sections of your washing machine using some tissues that will remove the accumulated dirt. Shut the door after you have applied the cleansing agent all over the surface. Make sure the distribution is even.
  2. After that, let the washing machine rinse the dirt as you press on. Add some salt and lemon to the washing machine and let it be on a good heated temperature.
  3. Towards the end, your washing machine is going to look very new. If you want, you can repeat the same procedure and towards the end of the month, all the dirt will be completely removed. Even the mold will be scraped off.
  4. Just note that the door of the washing machine should always be open. It will help in preventing the bacteria as well as the mold proliferation.

Source: Health Advisor Team