Would you like to make a positive change in your body so that heads turn and look at you? Losing 50 pounds in a few months is an easy task and this article would teach you to lose weight fast by changing your lifestyle by a certain deal.

Promise yourself that you would change’

The first thing that you need to do is make the decision of losing weight. There are times when you have planned to lose weight but have successfully achieved the same. You need to make an honest promise to yourself about losing weight, which you would do

Weigh yourself

It is very important to know how much you weigh. Stand on the scale and find out how much you weigh at the very beginning so that you can track your progress. Use a good scale to weight your weight. It is preferably good if the scale is digital. Weigh yourself in the morning before you eat anything without any clothing.

Reduce your food intake

It is important that you reduce the intake of food. Stop the cravings for sweet food and control your sweet tooth. Do not starve yourself. Eat what you want to but all in small amounts. Adults usually may lose weight if they eat 1200 calories per day and not more. Keep a caloric count of whatever you eat including food that is rich in calories such as salad dressing, pizza and pasta, cakes, and more. Always try and maintain the calorie unit.

Exercise 4-5 days per week

It is important to exercise well that will help in increasing your heart rate that can help you to burn calories. Exercise alone will not help you lose weight. You also need to eat a nutritious diet. Try exercises like jogging, swimming, aerobic exercise, walking, cycling and swimming. Start at a slow pace and then slowly increase your pace. At least try and get 20 minutes of aerobic exercise 5 days a week

Drink 8 glasses of water a day

It is important to stay properly hydrated to maintain overall health and weight as well. Water helps your stomach to remain full and also prevents snacking at odd intervals .Try drinking two glasses of water before meals.

 Always maintain a diet journal

It is important to maintain a diet journal, as people usually do not keep track of what they eat. By jotting down points you can keep track of your calorie intake and control yourself. Be sure to include all kinds of calories including beverages, oils, dressings, sauces, spices, and garnishes

Cook meals at home. The best way is to cook all meals at home so that you can keep a track of the oil and the spices that are incorporated in meals. Choose from healthier options and also check out your serving sizes. Avoid salads, dressings, and oily stuff. Always include vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Allow yourself some food

No matter how strictly you maintain a diet, it is always good to give a day off where you can eat whatever you like. Places like birthdays and picnics are common places. It is ok to eat well once in a month or so.

Follow these steps and stay fit and healthy in life.

Source: Healthy Recipes Home