We need onions and garlic in huge quantity for household purpose.  But, they may get spoil when we stock in large quantity. This results you to waste them and makes you to use garbage rather than in your dish. In turn, this affects or increases your home budget too.

We share you some tips for storing onion and garlic for long period of time and to extend the life time of the products.

For this, you need to check for early signs of spoilage, such as little green sprouts on top of your garlic or a little meld on the onions. This means that they are going to spoil soon. It is also the perfect time to start planting.

If you do not want to grow your own vegetables, preserve them for long period of time through the following tips.

Necessary things you need:

  • Firm and blemish-free garlic and onions
  • Brown paper bags
  • Paper clips (you’ll use these to keep the bags closed)
  • A hole punch


  • Start the procedure by punching the bags randomly or throughout the upper half of the bags. Fold the bag a few times, either across or lengthwise, then punch in a row, leaving 1 inch of space between the holes.
  • You have to be capable of getting several rows of holes.
  • No need of worrying, if you do not get same distance between the holes as they only serve for airing.
  • Now, fill half the bag with garlic or onions. Fold it at the top, clip it and label it.
  • The holes will actually let air flow around the vegetables, and the bag will help the onions and garlic to look fresher. Store the onions and garlic as normal, but make sure you don’t overcrowd them.
  • You have to consider other factors that affect the effectiveness of this method including the temperature, the light conditions and the humidity of the storage place.

Additional Tips:

1) Do not keep potatoes close to garlic and onions. Because potatoes release gases makes garlic and onion to decay. Don’t even keep these two vegetables in the same drawer.

2) Do not use plastic bags. Usage of an open paper or plastic bag is more efficient. If you store in air-tight bags, onions and garlic do not get proper air, which makes them decay or sprout.

3) Don’t refrigerate onions and garlic, but store them in a dark and dry place instead. Cold temperature will make onions softer. They start giving off other smell that makes other food items to absorb quickly.

Source: Diet Of Life