Coconut oil is highly appreciated for the health benefits, and the ways, it can be helpful in cooking, as well as baking. But, apart from its job in the kitchen, it has a number of benefits, outside the kitchen.

The cleansing, healing, as well as anti-bacterial property of coconut oil, in the tropical areas, make it perfect, and the most ideal for skin care, as well as, for grooming. The coconut oils are very soft on the skins and are not full of chemicals, which are found in a number of products, which are sold today, for the same purpose. Coconut oil is safe, and can be used for experiments, by anyone and everyone.

Here are 4, highly popular ways, how it can replace a few costly, yet, superficial products, used in the bathroom, quite often.


  • Coconut oil and cleansing


A number of cleansers, and soaps, which are used every day, are made from a number of chemicals, which are full of alcohol, which can make your skin, a place, which is full of oils, that can lead to skin issues, like acne, as well as pores, which are clogged. Oil of coconut is the best for cleansing any kind of skin, may it be oily or dry. The gentle touch of it, can remove all the dirt, impurities, or even the makeup, which cannot be removed easily. It will leave the skin moist, gently, and stop your skin from getting damaged.

The way to use coconut oil as a cleanser: Use a small or half teaspoon coconut oil, and rub it within the fingers, to massage on your skin in a soft way, in a circular motion. You can adjust the amount of oil, according to need.


  • Waterproof remover of makeup


Eradicating mascara, or eyeliner can be most frustrating tasks, and can spoil the day. But a number of so-called waterproof makeup removers are not worthy for the price. But, a number of such removers have an item, called plethora, which can harm your skin in the worst possible ways. But, on the other hand, coconut oil can remove any kind of makeups easily, and moisturize the skin, as well.

The way to use coconut oil for removing makeup: In case of eye makeups, you can cover the lashes of the eye, with oil, and massage softly for a few seconds, to make the makeup loose and wipe it away with cotton. You can wash it with warm water and repeat the same for skin.


  • Keeping the skin soothed


Coconut oil can be a good moisturizer, that can act as a carrier for necessary oils. It can be used with creams for getting other properties, as well. Thus, it can be used as a moisturizer. Dry skin can consume coconut oil in a proper way.

The way to keep it moist: In case of face, you can rub the oil within fingers, on your skin, by adjusting the quantity. It is same as the method of cleansing, mentioned above.

In case of body, you can do the same, and add a number of different lotions as well.


  • Shaving with it


The shaving creams have a number of chemicals, which are toxic in nature. Though, they are used, but there are a number of other better products, as well. Coconut oil can be used for shaving, after it is washed with warm water, that make the beard’s soft. Coconut oil can save a lot of money, compared to the shaving creams.

Usage: Apply in on the skin to shave in the usual way.


Coconut oil can be used for a number of reasons. In case you are suffering from skin related issues, you can use and try coconut oil, just to see, if they are good for you.

You should use, high quality coconut oils, instead of refined ones, as they may contain chemicals.