If you’re into fitness and taking care of yourself, then most of the items listed here shouldn’t be of worry of you. You may have to if you are a regular consumer.


One of the problems with McDonalds’ foods in general is that it is synthetic. It is a manufactured bland of foods that focus on taste and texture, without a care for health. We’re going to prove this to you below, with the top 10 dirty facts about what is contained in Big Macs.


(1) Silicone Oil.

This is mostly found in the nuggets that you buy for your kids. As far as we know, this is actually a medical product used in the manufacturing of contact lens.


(2) Ammonium Sulphate.

Used mostly for the manufacturing of bed. It is quite harmful, since it is actually a toxic pesticides used for the killing of bugs.


(3) Anti-Depressants.

Did you know that a lot of the animals used for the chicken and beef of McDonalds are fed antidepressants? The toxins developed from the consumption of them ends up in your meat, where you end up eating with your order!


(4) Propylene Glycol.

This is literally antifreeze, and it is being added into your sandwich. It is also a key product that is used in the production of cigarettes.


(5) Carminic Acid.

With McDonalds, what you get are texture and taste at the cost of health. This acid is added to the meat for the coloring that you get before consumption. It is actually produced by a form of insects called Cochineal beetles.


(6) Silicon Dioxide.

Sand. That is what silicon dioxide is. Sand is being added to the sandwiches, where it is used in the sauce to make sure that is binds and condenses together.


(7) Dimethylpolysiloxane.

Yes, this is a difficult one to spell. This product is actually present in all deep fried foods, and is added in many commercial products, such as shampoos, nail polishes, floor tiles, and other non-edible products.