Physical pain has always thought to be caused by a physical injury. I didn’t know this could cause back pain!

Suffering from physical pain is often due to a physical injury. But, did you know that your emotions have an effect on your physical health? Chronic pain can be caused by stress and emotional issues. Sometimes have physical pain can mean that have an emotional problem that needs to be dealt with.

Emotions related to physical pain:

1. Head pain: stress and other emotions can be triggers for migraines. Headaches can result from taking on too much in your life. Taking on unnecessary stress can be the cause of your headaches. Take time out of your day to relax and maybe even treat yourself to a spa treatment.

2. Neck pain: The neck is where guilt and self-incrimination are held. If you are having pain in your neck you may be having a problem forgiving yourself for something, and you are looking at yourself too harshly for it.

3. Shoulder pain: Shoulder pain can be related to carrying burdens. You know when you get something done you feel a sense of relief, and like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, that’s why.

4. Upper back pain: If you are having pain in the upper back area, you may be feeling unloved or holding back the love you feel for someone. Try reaching out to your loved ones and strengthen your relationships.

5. Lower back pain: having financial problems can result in having lower back pain issues. Feeling a lack of emotional support causes upper back pain, and the lack of financial support can cause lower back pain.

6. Elbow pain: Your soreness in the elbow region could have something to do with the resistance that you’re putting off on changing something. Stiff elbows may mean that you’re too stiff in your life. Try compromising with your partner.

7. Hand pain: When you have the inability to connect with others you may experience pain in your hands. Try working on making new friends and maybe next time, try to meet the new neighbors.

8. Hip pain: If you fear moving more into the future or changing directions in your life, you may experience hip pain. The sore hips could be a sign that you’re resisting to move forward or make any major decisions.

9. Knee pain: You are probably giving yourself too much credit about something if you have knee pain. Having knee pain could mean an overactive ego.

10. Calf pain: feeling jealous or resentment can cause the calves to hurt. This could be a good time to let go of grudges you may be holding in.

11. Ankle pain: Maybe you’re holding back on the pleasures in life. Try to indulge yourself a little more, give in on that sweet treat or you may want to spice up your romantic life.

12. Foot pain: When there is too much negativity in your life, you could experience foot pain. Try letting go of negative emotions and feelings. Enjoy the little things in life.

13. Ear pain: if you’re having problems hearing, you may have a wax buildup. This also means that you may not want to hear what someone is having to say to you because you don’t like what they’re saying. Try cleaning out your ears and listening to what the person has to say, you never know, it could be the best advice for you.

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