This delicious summer refreshment brings us a handful of healthy ingredients, but unfortunately most of them we regularly throw in the trash. It’s not about seeds, but the peel – which, although it is distasteful, there are lots of healthy vitamins and amino acids.

The most delicious is the so-called “heart”, and we usually eat only the red part of the watermelon. However, worldwide researches has shown that the right in the white part of the peel are the healthiest substances. However, since the watermelon in that part is extremely sour and tasteless, we usually throw it, and the countryside the peel is given to pigs who love to eat them.

Peel gets sour taste of vitamin C, which contains in large quantities. Ascorbic acid, as otherwise called this vitamin is extremely important for improving immunity and proper functioning of the body.

There are also vitamins of the B group, which are essential for healthy skin, hair and nails, and women often take pills with this complex. Instead, you can simply take the peel.

Unfortunately, the crust is most exposed to the effects of pesticides which the vegetables are sprayed, so, with which it should be careful.

– There is a fruit whose peel is extremely healthy, but to eat them they must be good washed, because there is a possibility that is sprayed. The white part of watermelon we do not eat often because of sour taste – explains nutritionist Branka Mirkovich.

However, if you combine well, it can be very tasty food supplement. Try one of these ways:

A refreshing juice

-Mix the peel of watermelon with lemon juice, oranges, grapefruit and other fruits as desired. Add a few ice cubes and grind all in a blender. This drink has a handful of vitamin C and very refreshing taste.

“Natural Viagra”

-They say that watermelon juice acts as a natural Viagra, because it contains large amounts of citrulline, an amino acid that promotes the expansion of blood vessels, thus improving circulation. This juice can easily be made in a blender. If desired, add the crumbled ice and slightly acidic water.