We all know that as soon as you notice a freckle or mole with unusual color, shape or size on your body, you should immediately visit a dermatologist. But, did you know that you should do the same if you notice any change on your nails?

Every summer, doctors remind us to apply sun creams on our skin and to be aware of every change that might appear on the skin. Otherwise, if we don’t take care, we could get the deadly skin cancer. But, have you ever heard anyone having nail cancer?

Is it just a simple mole, freckle or skin cancer? Learn how to recognize them and react on time, before it becomes late. (DISTURBING PHOTO)

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Unfortunately, all the cancers that attack skin can develop on finger and toe nails as well, although this happens very often.

Actually, the tumor doesn’t develop on the nail itself, but in the tissue under the nail plate.

There usually appears one light brown line under the nail, which afterwards develops and becomes a darker, bigger and thicker.

Luckily, not every strange spot that appears under the nail is a malignant tumor. It could possibly be due to lack of vitamins and minerals in the organism, or a mechanical injury.

Do white spots on your nails really mean that you`ve got a serious disease?

Some changes in the color and texture of the nails may indicate a heavy metal poisoning, lack of oxygen in the blood, kidney failures, or other dangerous diseases.

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So, as soon as you notice change on your nails, you should make an appointment at the doctor. As you know yourself, whatever it is, if you visit the doctor on time, the chances to recover from any of the above mentioned diseases are far higher.

Via Health Online Central