The way conventional medicine diagnoses cancer is quite wrong. It focuses on the location of the cancer, and its specialty rather than on its cause.  Its mechanism and the pathways involved are also important considerations that are being ignored.

Doctors don’t realize the importance of understanding the cause of cancer. Rather, they start treating it immediately with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

This is an article describing what a doctor said he would do if he was diagnosed with cancer. He talks from personal experience of having seen his family and patients having the disease.

Whenever someone is diagnosed with the disease, we must first find out the cause. The field of functional medicine allows you to do exactly that. It lets you find out why the disease is thriving inside the body and in that particular organ. Mostly, the way doctors treat this disease is like a mechanic trying to find out what’s wrong with a car without looking inside it.

How Does Functional Medicine Approach Cancer?

Functional medicine focuses on telling you why a disease occurred rather what the disease is. It focuses on preventing and managing chronic diseases. By addressing the root cause of the disease, it helps in attaining the highest level of health.

To understand it better, we can take the example of farmers who use healthy soil to grow their plants which prevents pests and insects from attacking their crops. They focus on the soil, i.e. the root and not the plant. Once the soil is good, the plant will take care of itself.

An imbalance in our body causes cancer. To prevent it, we should make our soil healthy.

Functional medicine tries to treat diseases in a systemic manner. That is, they treat the cause of the disease and treat the system. It doesn’t treat the symptoms and the disease itself. Once the system is corrected, the disease goes away automatically.

Most people think that if they have heard about a disease, they know what to do when it occurs. That is obviously not the case. Every person will have their own way of treating it. It has to be personalized.

When a few people are diagnosed with the same kind of cancer, the reasons could be different. Similarly, when a few people are diagnosed with different kinds of cancers, the reason could be the same. In short, the location of the disease does not tell its cause.

How To Create A Healthy Soil

Like it’s said earlier, treat the soil, not the plant.

Just like how negative thinking, negative reactions to stress, bad diet, lack of exercise cause cancer, so can positive thinking, healthy reaction to stress, good diet and exercise treat it. Detoxification of the entire system is important to cleanse it of all the accumulated toxins.

We can improve our immune system, enhance hormone metabolism and detoxify our system just by lifestyle changes. Phytonutrient therapies, removal of high sugar and carbohydrate diet are the key. This will reduce insulin levels in our body thereby preventing its carcinogenic effects from occurring.

These changes can also alter the expression of our genes. Positive thoughts and lifestyle changes create good emotions in our body that also reduce inflammation. All these will help in improving the fertility of the soil in your garden.

How to Reduce The Growth of Cancer

Avoid sugar:  Sugar is the number one cause of cancer. Just by avoiding that half your problem is solved. Have a diet rich in fiber and whole grains. Reduce any food that can increase insulin levels. Include a plant based diet in your meal. If things don’t change drastically, one in two Americans will have cancer, which can go undetected, by 2020. Sugar can lead to diabesity which affects 1.7 billion people worldwide. The suggested lifestyle changes can turn off cancer causing genes and turn on cancer preventing genes.

Avoid allergy causing sensitive food: Gluten and diary are two major allergy causing food in our diet. It has put about 20 million Americans at a high risk of death. These majorly cause cancer and heart diseases. These two products increase insulin secretion in our body leading to inflammation.

Control inflammation:  The most common cause of chronic diseases in inflammation. Increase in inflammation causes insulin resistance, which in turn increases insulin further. It then becomes a cycle which becomes difficult to break. To break the cycle, eat food rich in anti-inflammatory products like flax seeds and wild fish. This food rich in omega 3 fatty acid is extremely beneficial.

Maintain a healthy gut: Reducing gut inflammation is the key to avoiding cancer. This is because; the origin of all cancers is from the gut. Having food rich in curcumin (turmeric) and resveratrol (grapes) is very good for health since they kill any inflammation. Having pre and pro biotics and a plant based diet is also a must.

Avoid exposure to toxins: Stay away from toxins as much as possible. They affect the body negatively causing great harm, especially to the unborn child. About 287 toxins have been detected in the umbilical cord of a new born out of which 217 are neurotoxins. You can imagine the damage they can cause to its body. Some of the toxins found are phthalates, bisphenols, heavy metals and pesticides. Thus going green is the only solution to this problem.


Let us understand one thing. Cancer sounds scary. But never lose hope. The changes in food and lifestyle that we have suggested here will stop cancer production in your body.

Change your mind set. Having positive thoughts, good sleep, proper rest and improving the relationships in our lives thereby improving the quality of your life will help you the most. Science is now proving what we always knew. Believe in your intuition and change your habits.

Most of you reading this would have known someone battling cancer. You now know what to do and what not to do. Spread awareness about this and create a healthy life.

Source: Health And Love Page

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